About Me 

I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. My mother would purchase coloring and art books for me as a child, I would spend all of my free time drawing and painting. After working in the hospitality industry and meeting new people from all over the world I decided to move to Portland in order to pursue my dreams of an art career. 

Moving to Portland has been the best decision that I could have made to realize my dream. Portland has become such a hotbed for art with it's rich history and innovation. Portland's unofficial motto is "Keep Portland weird", I believe that has made it a safe haven for expression and uniqueness. 

I would consider myself as an illustration designer. I enjoy taking a simple idea and creating something complex and elegant from it. I like to create imagines that would invoke a strong emotion from the audience, reminiscing from past memories. I enjoy using different types of medium. I enjoy making print patterns and leaving a bit of myself in my designs.