My name is Nina Singchai from Portland, Oregon and I specialize in photography and typefaces. I work with a wide variety of themes but draw inspiration from gothic themes. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree with an art major from Portland State University soon to be completed in the spring of 2016. I have done art work that has varied from paintings and sketch drawings to practical props on a photography set that includes use of fake blood and natural environments. I incorporate colors and borders as a way to emphasis subjects in a particular project.

Design Philosophy 

My artwork is a representation of my belief that our first emotions and thoughts are the most significant when it comes to art. When I receive a project I think of the first idea that I have and run with it. I usually just add tidbits and pieces to it afterwards but with the general basis of what first came to my mind. My work focuses more on the emotions that are felt when first viewing the artwork. I believe those emotions are what build the strongest connections and leave a lasting impression with the audience. I take hold of that emotion and magnify it by taking to extreme ends of the spectrum. I like to take the audience to light, colorful, and happy scenarios or take it to a dark and brooding, even gothic, setting. I enjoy Victorian era art and culture which is evident in my work. My own personal artwork is heavily influenced by the Victorian era and I am extremely fond the old English typeface.